Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

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Since opening its doors in 1981, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud has dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence – from what is put on the plate to how it is served, although Patrick Guilbaud’s vision to bring fine dining to Dublin did initially create a bit of a stir. Portion sizes and pronunciation issues aside, the establishment is now recognised as a top Dublin restaurant and as one of the best in Ireland. Meet the three men at the helm. 

Guillaume Lebrun

Guillaume Lebrun

Guillaume Lebrun comes from a long line of bakers and so broke with family tradition when he became a chef. He trained at the prestigious traiteur, Lenôtre, where he catered for events held by Paul Bocuse and Pierre Troisgros. He came to Dublin in 1981.

Guillaume describes his food as honest as he lets the produce speak for itself. It all starts with quality. “Without first-rate ingredients, you cannot have quality dishes. That means sticking to what is in season.” Most of the produce in the Guilbaud kitchen is sourced locally. Initially perplexed by the Irish spud obsession, Guillaume’s flavours and a cuisine of rare originality delight customers and critics alike.

Patrick Guilbaud