Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

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Since opening its doors in 1981, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud has dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence – from what is put on the plate to how it is served, although Patrick Guilbaud’s vision to bring fine dining to Dublin did initially create a bit of a stir. Portion sizes and pronunciation issues aside, the establishment is now recognised as a top Dublin restaurant and as one of the best in Ireland. Meet the three men at the helm. 

Stéphane Robin

Stéphane Robin

Stéphane Robin came to Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in 1986 for 6 months; thirty-one years later the restaurant manager is still here. Before moving to Dublin, he worked at Le Club de Cavalière in St Tropez, the Michelin three-star La Bonne Auberge and the Roux Brothers’ Le Gavroche in London. Somewhere along the way he trained as a paratrooper.

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud is renowned for its service. It is precise yet gracious and Stéphane and his team work hard to ensure every customer enjoys the experience. “Fine dining is not just about food, it is the whole package – the surroundings, the service and the ambience.”

Patrick Guilbaud