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Whether a change of season on the à la carte, a new menu, an upcoming wine tasting, cookery demonstration, special event, or even a book signing — you will read all about it right here. Our news section gives you a chance to keep up to speed on what is cooking at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud. For even more regular pickings, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Restaurant of the Year

September 2017

Restaurant of the Year

RPG was delighted to pick up Restaurant of the Year at the Food and Wine Magazine Awards on Sunday last, August 27th. It was a great day superbly organised and hosted by the very capable Norah Casey. We had a super day out with our industry colleagues in arms and were delighted to head home armed with silver.


Pictured with Ross Lewis, Chef of the Year, Chapter One; Norah Casey, Food and Wine Magazine and Stephane Robin, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud.

Patrick Guilbaud