Sculpture pieces – Orla de Brí

Posted in News on 12th January 2024

We are thrilled to showcase our beautiful new sculpture pieces from the mushroom series by the inimitable Orla de Brí. The pieces have been created especially for the restaurant and each individually has their own story. They are titled as follows: The Shadow of a Mushroom, Blending in, Elevated View and New Horizons. As explained by the sculptor herself;

Mushrooms are the biggest living organism on our planet. Recent studies have shown that they have intelligence and can communicate with trees and other plant life. For centuries they have sustained and healed us but also pose a danger. Mushrooms were part of our first spiritual experiences consumed by the High Kings on the Hill of Tara. Long before religion our ancestors used them to communicate with the Gods.

The mushroom pieces can be seen and enjoyed in the restaurant. We are back open again from Friday January 12th for dinner and for both lunch and dinner Tuesday -Saturday after that. Happy New Year!